Build a working prototype in 4 easy steps

Technology Scan

The Innocubes team thoroughly analyzes the problem and looks for suitable technologies in the network of experts in the YES!Delft ecosystem. By first carefully analyzing the problem by talking to stakeholders, we then approach technology experts at TU Delft, TNO, startups at YES!Delft and other partners in our network. Based on their expertise, we determine which technologies are most suitable for tackling this problem and report them to you.

Design Sprints

Through a co-creation workshop with the problem owners and technology experts, solutions are devised and defined in several concepts. These concepts are elaborated on and then presented by the Innocubes team. Stakeholders are actively involved in working with technology experts to determine the form of the solution.

Rapid Prototyping

The team determines an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). They work on ensuring the reduction of technological risks through controlled lab experiments. A pilot is developed to field test the technology. The team reports the results from these tests.

Rapid Experimentation

The Innocubes team field-tests the MVP of the proposed solution in a pilot. This results in a testable proof of concept which determines if the proposed solution works in real-life situations. The outcome is a product proposal ready for further development. At the end of this process, a startup, new or existing, can further refine this solution and finally offer it as a product to the interested organization.

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