For corporates with already identified digital tech challenges, Innocubes offers support in organizing a hackathon tailored to your needs. We scout teams of engineering students and startups to compete in your hackathon and take care of the logistics of the program. This includes sourcing and preparations, the event and side program, the selection of the best idea in the finals. After the hackathon, you will have an MVP (minimum viable product) and the opportunity to start a pilot and develop the solution further in the field.   


Example Case
Shell GameChanger HackWeek

Together with Shell GameChanger, YES!Delft set up a 5-day Hackathon where 10 international teams tackled optimizing the total energy consumption on one of Shell’s assets. The selected students, startups, and developers test and adapt their novel digital solutions rapidly, with support from leading experts from the Delft University of Technology and Shell


For corporates that have already identified tech-challenges, Innocubes will help you find the startups that have a cutting edge solution for you. For the posed challenges, there is a three to eight weeks scouting period and selection, the chosen startups enter a Discovery Track, where their product-market fit for the problem is validated. The most promising solutions for you will and Innocubes helps you implement a pilot/trial.

Example Case
GMK Innovation Challenge

Via the Innocubes Startup Challenge corporates can benefit from the vast YES!Delft ecosystem collaborates to find solutions to their real-life problems. GMK The Hague, a regional cooperation between the emergency services control rooms posed the challenge for technical innovations and solutions to enable them to respond to emergencies faster and more efficiently than ever before. As a result, GMK The Hague started pilots with the two winners of the Innovation Challenge.

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